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Last Updated: May 4, 2021
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Families love their yards and, maintaining and repairing the fences and gates is just part of home ownership.

Common issues are:

  • Block walls – leaning, cracks and movement
  • Wooden fences & gates – leaning & damaged
  • Metal fences – rust and damage

Pet proof / kid proof yards and gates

Remember – Buyers / homeowners with pets and children should keep their gates and fences in good condition. Make sure to repair broken and damaged sections of fence and look for sharp items that can injure a child.

Look for things sticking up, such as metal post bases that are left after a patio cover has been removed or metal objects, like rebar sticking up, that is holding railroad tie steps or retaining walls in place. If fallen upon, serious injury could occur.

Additional Resources

  • Fences and block walls enrich the look and feel of homes. They provide security, privacy and safety for pets and kids. Do you need to "kid" or "pet" proof your yard?

  • Block or masonry walls crack over time. When this is the case, consider...

  • Water temperature should be under 120 degrees or cooler, should be drained once a year and can explode under some circumstances.

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