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Published: January 30, 2014 Last Updated: March 16, 2019

Many yards and planters have drains that are too high.

It is generally very easy to lower these drains so that the water will properly flow into them. Areas where the drains are set too high may allow water to stand or not drain properly.

high drain

Why not lower?

Having a landscaper or gardener lower the drain and slope the soil towards the drain is normally an easy solution and takes very little time. Even just shortening the pipe by cutting a small portion off generally works well. The exception to this is if the drain is surrounded by concrete or if the vertical pipe cannot be shortened more than it presently is. A landscaper should be able to gauge the simplicity of lowering the drains quite easily.

Who to consult? Gardeners, landscapers and handymen.

Home owners often will lower a drain themselves. Gardeners and handymen can easily lower a drain as well. Ones in concrete can usually be done by a concrete man, but are more dificult.

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