About BuyersAsk

Coffee and Crumb Cake at Corner Bakery

Where it Started

BuyersAsk was established in 2014 over a hot coffee and crumb cake at Corner Bakery in Calabasas, CA.

Who We Are

Dave Jones, a prominent home inspector in Orange County and long time contractor, his daughter Dr. Christina Grove, D.C., and engineer son-in-law Charlie Grove were determined to start a family business. 

Our Expertise

Dave Jones has over 50 years of industry experience from residential remodel to industrial parking garages, bank vaults, and missile testing platforms. As he transitioned to “retirement” as a home inspector he quickly realized how important homeowner education could be in avoiding costly repairs for homeowners and derailing real estate transactions. 

Dave noticed a trend of common questions that would come up in real estate transactions after delivering his comprehensive inspection reports: “Is that a big deal?”, “Is this major?”, “Is this a money pit?”. Most of the time he knew the answer was no and further education to a home buyer or seller about the issue could alleviate a lot of stress for all involved. He started cataloging the issues he saw among the many thousands of homes he inspected over his career. 

As his daughter and son-in-law became ready to purchase their first home – a fixer upper – they soon realized how stressful and cumbersome this process could be. It was from this place that the BuyersAsk family business was born.

Combining their unique perspectives of construction, health, and engineering, they worked together to create content to answer questions buyers and home owners ask.


Our mission is to serve as an authoritative guide for understanding the intricate aspects of a home’s condition, emphasizing the significance of education on vital topics such as home related health, safety, and structural integrity.

Our content addresses a range of concerns – from common aesthetic and maintenance issues to critical matters that require immediate attention. We provide insightful analysis on potentially hazardous conditions like mold, mildew, lead paint, asbestos, radon gasses, and electrical problems, underscoring the importance of paying attention to the warning signs to safeguard the well-being of you, your family, and your home. Our platform aims to not only demystify the various components of a home but also offer practical, accessible information tailored to your questions. 

At BuyersAsk, we are committed to empowering homeowners, home buyers, renters, and real estate professionals with the knowledge and strategies to preempt major issues, thereby protecting and enhancing the value of one of the most significant investments in our lifetime – our home.

We aim to equip you with the knowledge to:

  • Differentiate between minor and major issues.
  • Identify “red and yellow flags” before they escalate.
  • Recognize structural warning signs.
  • Understand the underlying causes of problems.
  • Diagnose various issues accurately.
  • Assess the severity of different conditions.

The knowledge acquired helps you to: 

  • Resolve problems early, often resulting in simpler and more cost-effective solutions.
  • Prevent or mitigate expensive repairs in the future.
  • Make informed decisions as a home buyer, either accepting conditions as they are or negotiating effectively.
  • Enhance your capabilities as a real estate agent to identify serious issues, thereby offering better protection for your clients

Join the BuyersAsk community as we guide you in identifying the severity and nature of issues within your home – be they serious, hazardous, cosmetic, or simply part of normal wear and tear. We are honored to be your go to resource in navigating the complexities of homeownership with confidence and peace of mind.

Dave, Christina, Charlie