Clogged Yard Drains

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Clogged yard drains are very common, however, it is wise to have clear flowing drains.


clogged drain
clogged drain

Common Causes:

  • Vegetation accumulating in or over the drain.
  • Missing covers or damaged covers or lines
  • Kids dropping toys, rocks or other things into the drains

The most common reason is that the drain covers are damaged or missing and that landscaping debris has gotten into the lines.

Cleaning out

Running water into a drain with a hose may also help clear the drain. Sometimes even slowly pushing the hose into the drain with the water running will help flush out the debris in the drainpipe. Should the drain be heavily clogged or damaged in the line, then a plumber may need to run a snake down the line to un-clog it.

At times roots may get into drain lines or damage them. If this condition is discovered, snaking may be able to clear the roots. If damage exist, then some repairs may be necessary.

The majority of the time a simple cleaning of the drain and/or the line will get the water flowing well again.

Who to consult? Handymen, landscapers, gardeners and plumbers.

Home owners will usually attempt to unclog a drain by removing debris that they can reach, and then use a hose to flush out the drain. Gardeners and landscapers are normally experienced in clearing drains. Difficult drains may need a plumber to snake or pressure clean.