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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Drooping of paint that occurs when first put on, but dries with a “sagging” look.

Rather than apply two coats over a wall that needs two coats for proper coverage, some people apply one extra heavy coat and then it sags.

Possible causes

  • Applying a too heavy a coat of paint.
  • Painting in excessively humid and/or cool conditions.
  • Using a paint  that was overly thinned.
  • Painting over a glossy surface, which did not provide enough of a profile to which the coating is to adhere to.
  • Painting over a contaminant surface.
Who to consult? Painters and qualified handymen.

Home owners can usually repaint or touch-up painting goofs themselves. Painters and qualified handymen easily correct these type of mistakes.

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