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Published: January 4, 2023 Last Updated: March 9, 2023

If you like the form and function of a bidet but have a normal toilet in your bathroom, a bidet converter kit is the best choice. While a standalone bidet toilet will have a sleeker look and perhaps better overall functionality and features, many of today’s bidet converter kits are packed with all of the most desirable features. From simple spray wands to remote controlled heated units, finding a bidet kit for a standard or elongated toilet brings many options to the table.

Depending on how your current toilet and bathroom are configured, the options available to you may be limited. For example, some of the higher end converter kits require a GFCI receptacle near the toilet and others require a hot water connection nearby. Most people however will be able to find a bidet system that will work for their particular toilet configuration.

Types of Bidet Conversion Kits

There are different ways of having the experience of a bidet by using your traditional toilet. The simplest and cheapest option is to add a sprayer wand. A wand is a handheld water sprayer which can be used to manually spray yourself off. Sprayers aren’t really considered bidets but we have included them as a type because they are the cheapest and simplest option to get started.

From there, the bidet converter kits include more and more features such as water heaters, air dryers, heated seats, lights and more! Here are the basic groups of types of bidet kits:

  • Handheld water sprayers
  • Under the seat non electric water sprayers
  • Basic toilet seat/lid replacements
  • Fully electric luxury seat replacements

If you would like a great bidet conversion kit with some nice features to get the proper experience, try the Bio Bidet Bliss.

Luxury Electric Bidet Conversion Kit

If you are willing to spend around $500 dollars, these kits will offer the most features and provide the best overall experience. If you are not used to using bidets, it makes sense to start out with a nicer converter kit as opposed to a low cost sprayer to truly evaluate the full experience.

In the luxury models here are the features you can expect:

  • Heated seat
  • Heated water
  • Air dryer
  • Oscillating and pulsating spray wash
  • Washes all male and female parts
  • LED night light
  • Remote control or app based settings adjustments
  • Deodorizer

It is important to note that for a luxury model with all of the advanced features, ample power and water supply need to be available. If there are no electrical outlets nearby the toilet you may need to have an electrician come out to wire in a receptacle for your new bidet kit.

These types of luxury bidet products will generally include higher end components as well such as stainless steel water jets. The sprayer patterns and intensities can be adjusted between many different settings.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

Highly rated premium bidet converter kit – feature packed

See full details >

Basic Toilet Seat Replacement Bidet Converter Kit

More basic bidet convert kits will use either cold or hot water. The cold water kits are the cheapest and simplest option to install since they can connect to the toilets existing water supply. Generally they will include a version for elongated and standard toilet seats as well as mounting hardware and a water supply line adapter to allow for a connection to the toilets existing water supply without interrupting the toilets normal operation.

Non Electric Bidet Converter Kit

The non electric kit is perfect as a simple DIY installation and a much cheaper price tag than the other types of bidet kits. The kits are simple to attach as well as remove in the event you would like it taken off if company are in town or to move it to a different location. Since homes have various water pressure levels, the seats come with a manual knob to adjust the water pressure level to the sprayer to fit the users comfort. If you live in a colder climate or have cold well water, not having warm water will sometimes be quite a shock to your sensitive areas.

Delta manual cold water bidet converter kit

Delta Manual Cold Water Bidet Seat in White

Simple, cold water, adjustable pressure seat replacement.

See full details >

Electric Bidet Converter Kit

It is a much better experience to have a warm water bidet as opposed cold water. For this reason we recommend using one if the electrical supply in the bathroom allows for it. The TOTO Washlet A2 provides many of the luxurious features at a lower price point. It has a warm water dual action sprayer with the option for oscillating water as well.

The water temperature is adjustable from 95 – 104ºF and the Washlet A2 also comes with a heated seat which can reach temperatures up to 97ºF. This model does not come with a remote control however it has a large control panel attached to the right side of the seat with illuminated buttons for ease of use at night.

Like other manufactures TOTO provides one model for elongated toilet bowls and one model for the standard toilet bowl. Since electricity is required to heat the water and seat, you will need to have a GFCI protected outlet nearby. The seat comes with a 4ft power cord.

Toto Washlet A2 in Bathroom

TOTO Washlet A2 Heated Bidet

Gentle aerated warm water, adjustable temperatures, heated seat.

View full details >

Sprayer Bidets and Other Options

The absolute cheapest and simplest option is to connect a small sprayer wand to the toilets water supply. Similar to a shower detachable sprayer, handheld bidet sprayers are simple to install and provide the basic functionality of a bidet. Most of the sprayers include a water pressure adjustment control as pressure varies from home to home. A simple hanging holster can be attached to the side of the toilet for easy docking of the sprayer when not in use.

Brondell CleanSpa Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Inexpensive, easy to install, adjustable water pressure.

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Portable Bidet

For those that fall in love with their bidet, it can be disappointing to use other restrooms with traditional toilets. Portable bidets are available for travel or use at an office or hotel. Commonly used postpartum, Peri bottles are essentially portable bidets however there are some more advanced options for travel bidets. Happy Bottom has an affordable and easy to use portable bidet that is also a great option to give the bidet experience a try.

Overview of Bidet Converter Kits

With the wide range of Bidet kits available it is important to understand the requirements of each type before purchasing. Electric and water supplies need to be considered before making a final choice. There are many benefits to using a bidet such as decreased use of toilet paper, sanitary reasons and more. Overall we recommend a heated water option as it provides the most comfortable experience.

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