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General information about insulation may be obtained from many sources. One interesting one is:

Many states and some utility companies have financial incentives for homeowners to add or improve their energy conservation. Check out the above link for more information, as well as with your state website and the local utility company (both gas and electric).

Two top local resources to check

Local utility company’s

Calling the local gas company or power company can be a good source of information on what rebates or other incentives are available in your area. They may have a program themselves or be able to guide you to state or other rebates or incentives.

Local insulation contractor or HVAC contractor

Local contractors are often aware of incentives for home owners to add or insulate their attics and crawl spaces. If you decide to add insulation, they usually want your business. It’s a win – win for you and them. You have nothing to loose by calling some.