Insulation – out of place or missing in attic

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Insulation is often out of place in the attic areas. When owners are remodeling, running new electric wiring or are adding phone and cable wires in the attic, the workmen often move the insulation out of the way for the work that they are doing. But they seldom put it back properly. A few minutes of time generally corrects this.

Older homes

Older homes may not have insulation, or if so, it is low by today’s standards. Adding insulation is usually a very cost effective way of improving the homes thermal qualities and helps reduce energy bills. Once moved in and when you have a little extra time, give this up-grade consideration. It usually pays for itself quickly.

Who to consult? Insulation contractor or handyman.

Home owners will often place fallen insulation back in place or add insulation themselves. Handymen and insulation contractors can likewise do this type of work.