Fans that are too low

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Ceiling paddle fans should generally have a minimum of 84 inches to the floor. Many fans can be raised a little bit by shortening the neck from the ceiling to the fan. If the fan blades are too close to stairs, then it would be wise to move the fan. Usually an electrician can easily do this.

Fans above kids Beds – particularly “bunk” beds

Parents want to be careful about fans and there location when children are involved. Many fan injuries result from having a fan near or above bunk beds.

One of the largest causes of injuries from fans is children’s head injury.

Be safe

Educate your children and remove or disable fans in unsafe locations.

Who to consult? Fan installers and qualified handymen.

Home owners often install or adjust the height of their own fans. Fan installers, electricians and qualified handymen generally do this work.