Wrinkling Paint – the causes and look

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Wrinkled look

When the top layer of paint drys before the bottom layer that it is over, a rough, crinkled, or wrinkled look may appear.

The majority of time it is someone just getting in too big of a hurry when they are painting.

Other causes

  • Paint applied too heavily.
  • Painting applied in extremely hot conditions or cool damp conditions, may cause  the paint film to dry faster on top than on the bottom.
  • Exposure of uncured (not fully dried) paint to rain, heavy dew, fog, or high humidity levels.
  • Applying a coat of paint to insufficiently cured primer or first coat of paint.
  • Painting over an oily surface.

Who to consult? Painters and qualified handymen.

Home owners will often handle many painting jobs around the house, both inside and outside. Handymen and painters will also handle painting tasks. Normally painters are the most proficient, knowledgeable and quickest at doing painting task.