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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Chalking is a gentle way for paint to age

Over time the ultraviolet light rays from the sun will gradual disintegrate the resins in paint films, which  causes the paint to chalk and have a faded look. If you rub your hand over it, then a powdery like substances may rub off onto your fingertips.

One of the disadvantages of chalking, when on the exterior, is that the chalk may run down onto a brick or stone veneer or vinyl siding. Causing it to look stained or discolored. The sunny side of a home tends to chalk more than areas that do not get as much of the suns rays.

Once the chalking is removed, usually a new layer of paint can be applied over the existing paint cover.

Who to consult? Painters and qualified handymen.

Home owners will often handle many painting jobs around the house, both inside and outside. Handymen and painters will also handle painting tasks. Normally painters are the most proficient, knowledgeable and quickest at doing painting task.

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