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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Badly cracked driveways may be removed and re-poured with new concrete. When this is done the replacement driveway will generally have steel rebar placed in it to stop or reduce the cracking. The rebar is usually either #3 or #4 rebar at 12 or 16 inches on center; occasionally it will be 24 inches on center. Interesting enough, steel rebar is inexpensive and easy to place. In some areas a wire mesh, i.e. a 6×6 / 10-10 wire mesh will be used in place of rebar.

When a driveway is replaced and the owner wants to add architectural appeal, he may use pavers in place of concrete. Pavers are more forgiving in areas where there is soil movement, as they don’t show the cracks.

Driveway Paver bricks

Cracked driveways replaced with pavers

Replacing With Pavers

In some neighborhoods, people with badly cracked driveways will replace them, using stronger concrete with rebar (steel reinforcing) in the concrete. This helps reduce cracking. Others may replace the concrete with pavers, for the pavers are more forgiving in areas where there is soil movement, they don’t show the cracks.

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