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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Weather and time will cause the siding to warp, crack and pull loose in places. Generally, it is a maintenance and repair issue for the majority of homeowners. Wood siding and engineered wood siding generally provides an attractive look and good protection for a home when properly maintained and installed.

Paints, stains, caulking and nails 

Many homes have only small areas that need repairing and the rest of the siding just needs repainting or staining. Care should be taken to caulk and seal gaps where moisture may intrude.

Homeowners can often do this work themselves. Should they wish not to, then professional painters, carpenters and handymen will do this type of work. Home improvement centers have a great selection of paints, stains and caulking for these types of jobs.


Seldom would this be an indication of structural concerns.

Sprinklers hitting the siding

Sprinkles hitting the siding may easily damage the siding. When this occurs redirecting sprinklers and repairing and sealing the siding will improve the appearance and help to extend the life of the siding.

Who to consult? Siding contractors and qualified handymen.

Home owners and handymen often do limited maintenance and repairs when there is weathered, warped or damagedsiding. Siding contractors are the most proficient in making repairs or changing the siding it-self.

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