Roof Jacks; Help Prevent Rain Water From Penetrating The Roof

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Published: August 11, 2014 Last Updated: December 9, 2016

Flashing that wraps around a sewer vent pipe, a furnace or a water heater vent where it comes out of the roof is often called a “Roof Jack.” These pieces of flashing help seal around the roof penetrations to prevent water intrusion.

Most Common Problems:

  • The tar or mastic around the top of the jack has deteriorated or cracked and needs to be added to or replaced. This is a maintenance type of item that may need to be done every two to five years.
  • The metal flashing (usually the bottom portion) has raised up, possibly from a wind storm, and needs to be re-secured back down.

No “Roof Jack”?

If there is no roof jack, then one can usually be added easily by a roofer or qualified handyman. If a roof jack is missing, sometimes buyers will not add one until they decide to re-roof in future years.

Roofers or home owners will often put a heavy coating of tar or mastic, such as Henrys Roof Mastic around the vent or pipe to act as a seal so water will not enter the attic through the gap between the roof penetration and the roof tile or shingles.

Who to consult? Roofer or qualified handyman.

Home owners often repair or maintain their roof jacks. Handymen, gutter contractors and roofers likewise do this type of work. If a roof jack is to be installed, then a roofer or qualified handyman is usually the trade person that does this work.

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Why would there be a tapping/dripping noise in the commode room coming from the penetrating roof jack?

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