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Published: January 13, 2015 Last Updated: October 4, 2016

First – What Is It

It is a written “opinion’ regarding the condition of a roof that is usually preformed by a licensed roofing contractor or a roof inspector.


Loan Requirements for FHA and HUD

Requirements for some type of loans require having a home that is habitable, which includes the requirement that the roof meets certain standards. Common requirements are:

  • Life expectancy of the roof to be a minimum of 3 years
  • Written estimate as to the expect life of the roof
  • Provides a description of the roof and it’s condition
  • That the “Certification” be good for two to five years (varies )

What does the roofer look at ?

  1. Gutters and downspouts; are parts missing, their condition and if they need repairs
  2. How many layers of roofing materials; codes and cities have rules about how many layers are acceptable. Too many layers may weigh more than what the framing (i.e. rafters) was engineered for. Also, manufactures warranties may be void do to extra layers or installation.
  3. Previous repair work; was it done correctly, is it holding up.
  4. Flashing; is the roof properly flashed at roof penetrations, edges and the valley areas.
  5. Are there damaged or missing tile or shingles.
  6. Is there standing water in places.

Buyers concerned about a roofs condition may ask for a “Roof Certification” for peace of mind

In some transactions a buyer may want the seller to furnish a “roof certification” as part of the deal. Generally the certification will be for a period of 1 to 3 years. These type of certifications will generally state that the roof is in a described condition and if it appears that roof may leak, then there will be repairs required before the roofing contractor will issue the roof certification.

It is not a guarantee that the roof won’t leak

Should the roof leak in that period of time, the contractor will come out and repair the roof. Note, it does not mean that the roof will be replaced.

Most transactions do not have a roof certification as part of the deal.


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