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Published: March 4, 2014 Last Updated: September 16, 2021

Cracking of the stucco on a home’s exterior walls is a very common occurrence. This is usually considered a maintenance type item. As time goes by, a home may settle or shift a little, so the older the home, the higher the probability of cracks, its just part of the aging process. A new home will also have some cracks appear as the stucco cures and the wood framing loses some of its moisture content.

Where do most cracks occur?

There are certain areas on the exterior that are more prone to cracking than others. Corner areas near doors or windows are a perfect example. If an addition has been added or remodeling done, cracks may also appear in these areas.

Sealing cracks

Contractors often recommend that when cracks appear they be sealed from time to time. This will help prevent moisture from entering into the wall through the cracks and causing damage.

In a few circumstance, cracks may be a yellow flag that some other problem exist. An example of this is that the homes foundation is shifting or settling. Even some amount of this movement is normal for a home and may occur when there are seasonal changes or issues with the sprinklers or drainage.

Who to consult? Stucco contractor.

Home owners and handymen often do limited maintenance and repairs to the stucco. Stucco contractors are the most proficient in making repairs.

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