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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

An old Bulgarian proverb: “A tree falls the way it leans.”

Slowly and drawing little attention, trees grow and their branches spread. Without realizing it, the branches are rubbing the roof and getting under the shingles and tile, possibly causing damage.

Trim back branches and limbs

Yearly, trees and shrubbery should be checked to see if they require trimming. Occasionally, a tree or some shrubbery may need to be moved or removed. In the yearly review and maintenance check, make this one of the things to consider.

Branches and limbs over a roof

Keeping trees trimmed back and branches from rubbing the roof makes good maintenance sense. When branches rub roofs and gutters, damage to the roof and gutters may occur over time. Generally it is quite easy to keep them trimmed back, however, large branches generally require a professional tree trimming company to remove branches over a roof area. They can normally do it very quickly and not cause harm to the roof; oh yes, they hall away or cut up the large branches.

Tip: when hiring a tree trimming company, check to see if they have insurance.

See exterior: roof section for additional information.

Who to consult? Tree trimming company or arborist.

Home owners will often trim back tree branches or limbs overhanging a roof. Tree trimming companies generally do this type of work, as well as, some landscapers and gardeners. In unique circumstances an arborist may be consulted.

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