How Did Egyptians Get Their Pyramid Bases Perfectly Level; Sextant, Sun Transit or Water?

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Published: December 13, 2018 Last Updated: March 19, 2020

Getting a pyramid base level was key for success and even life for Egyptian Engineers

Egyptian Pharaohs, Kings, Queens and Rulers were emotional and adamant that their pyramids be built right; for the pyramid would be their burial monument and possibly launch their soul directly into the abode of the Gods above.

Failure to build a pyramid right may have had serious consequences:

1. The one who the Pyramid is being built for may not enter the abode of the Gods above. Thus, it was extremely important that it be built right.

2. If the architects, engineers or workmen made a bad mistake or got behind schedule, they might find themselves in disfavor and be punished by imprisonment or even death; so it was extremely important for them to get it right.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Built around 2560 BC, “The Great Pyramid of Giza”, AKA – “Pyramid of Cheops,” base is nearly perfectly level. The base is 755 feet by 755 feet (each side is 2.5 football fields long) and the footprint covers approximately 13.2 acres.

The pyramid base was level within 5/8 of an inch

The average house foundation in the United States is out of level by approximately 5/8 of an inch, yet the average house side is approximately 40 feet, not 755 feet, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza: basically 5% of the length.

How did the Egyptians achieve such accuracy?

Many scientist and historians often theorize on how the Pyramid builders got the bases perfectly level. The general consensus appears to be that they used water. That small channels were dug in a grid pattern and filled with water and since water is perfectly level at all points, they could get the base perfectly level by measuring up from the water level.

Professional engineers today often use transits, lase levels, or “Water Level Manometer” to conduct a floor levelness survey. Like the pyramid builders, “water level manometers” uses water, but instead of it being in trenches, it is usually in clear plastic tubes, similar to a clear plastic hose. The plastic tubes are generally connected to movable tripods that hold the tubes in place and have a measuring rule or a method to measure the water level in the tube. These tripod stands are then moved from room to room with one that remains in one permanent location. The one that remains in the permanent location is used as the baseline from which all other measurements are taken

The Bottom Line

Homeowners will sometimes take a regular hose, put a clear 2 foot plastic hose on each end, and use it to measure the levelness at different locations, always keeping one end of the hose in the same location as a reference point. (Read about How To Measure If Your Floor Is Sloping, Level Or Sagging and When Serious)

Bottom Line

Water always seeks its own level. Placing each pyramid base stone block at the same distance above the water level will produce a perfectly base. Oh yes, there is no tool called a Sun Transit.

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