Drains and Drainage

Swales and Concrete Ditches For Drainage

Swales are usually made of concrete or involve the grading of soil that guides or channels water. There are several things you may wish to do, if you have a swale.

Yard Drains Set Too High

Silly. We all know that drainage is very important for every home, yet why are there so many drains set too high? Seems easy to...

Clogged Yard Drains

My kids were always putting toys and rocks in the drains. If a drain is clogged, first start...

Damaged Yard Drains

95% of damaged drains are only... Steps that make sense, usually starts with the cover.

Water running or draining into the garage

The two areas that most often allow water to enter and settle onto a garage floor are a side or back door to the exterior of the garage or the bottom area of the vehicle door.

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