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Published: August 7, 2014 Last Updated: April 8, 2024

If you cannot see clearly through the pools water for 10 feet or if there is a greenish or dark discoloration, then there is a need to check the chemical composition / balance of the water as well as a couple of other things.

Common causes of poor water clarity:

  • Filters may be dirty, need cleaning, back flushing or to be changed
  • Chemical imbalance of the water may exist
  • Pool may not be getting sufficient sun light/ too much shade

Check the water filter and clean the pool 

Homeowner water testing kits can be ordered or can be obtained from a pool service company. Check the waters’ chemical balance, including the Ph level, the alkalinity and the calcium hardness (to see if it is excessively hard or soft).

Filters need cleaning or replacing after periods of use. Therefore, review if cleaning or replacement is necessary.

A pool should be regularly serviced and cleaned. At times owners get busy and fail to keep the pool clean and safe. Algae and bacteria may build up and insects and mosquito’s may be attracted to the dirty water.

Fun fact: why does blonds hair sometimes turn a greenish tint after swimming for awhile?  Answer

Who to consult? 

Homeowners can generally handle cleaning and maintenance items, as well as, water clarity issues. Pool maintenance companies that come once a week to clean and maintain your pool, will usually handle this type of work as part of their service as well.

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