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Published: April 11, 2014 Last Updated: February 27, 2015

Hear a snapping or crackling type sound when walking across a wood or laminate floor?


The most common reasons for this is that the flooring was not installed properly, moisture has set in or that the concrete slab or sub-floor over which the wood flooring is placed is not level.

Boards flexing over voids

If the concrete slab or the sub-floor is not properly level then when the floor is stepped on, the flooring flexes down into the small void area under the flooring and you hear the snapping or crackling sound.

Gained moisture

If the wood flooring material was not acclimated properly before being laid, and moisture from high humidity was absorbed or if there was a lack of a vapor barrier under the floor, or the wood pieces are installed without proper spacing for expansion and movement; a snapping or crackling sound may occur.

Flooring contractors have several methods in which they can often correct this. Sometimes this can even be done without taking the floor up.

Who to consult? Flooring contractor.

DIY Home owners will work on floors that have a snapping or crackling sound. Floor contractors are the most knowledgeable about this issues and in helping improve if desired.

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