What is the most effective method for finishing the area around doors when installing a ceiling, considering using wood or MDF, measuring, cutting, nailing, and using quarter round for gaps?

Asked by Maja Thomsen
2 weeks ago
Last Updated: May 15, 2024

What’s the best approach for finishing around these doors? I’m thinking of adding a ceiling later on, but for now, should I just get some wood or MDF, measure carefully, and then cut and nail it in place? Do I need to use quarter round for any gaps? Or are there better materials or methods I should consider?

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Lucas Thomas

It appears to be quite a mess. Is there no beam/header above the door? Do you have any pictures from before the foam was added?

Adam Steward

Hey there, anonymous participant, go ahead and tear that mess out.

Sarah Roberts

That 2×4 won’t be able to hold up whatever is above the door.

Sarah Roberts

Sorry to the anonymous participant… I have never come across a door that doesn’t have a header and the 2×4 must be connected to something. I’m stepping back.

Gabriel Park

Yeah, it’s definitely risky with all that weight above the door, it’s bound to cause problems. It might be a good idea to reconsider this upgrade now.

Were there originally no doors there, and material was taken out to accommodate the new doors? Is that correct??

Albert Larsen

I think it’s best to keep it open, so later on there won’t be as much to remove when it starts to sag without a header!

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