Looking to add extra space to your home with a kitchen, loft, or garage addition?

Asked by Mia Mills
2 weeks ago
Last Updated: May 15, 2024

We’re thinking about subbing in a new addition for the kitchen/loft/garage. What do you think?

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Patricia Sims

Well done

Anisa Sagstuen

Seems good 👍

Ramses Vergara

That appears to be top-notch! reat job!

عباس مرادی

No content

Navya Babu

I can’t help but picture the next person who has to work on this panel. I bet they’ll be pleasantly surprised and say, “Wow, this makes my job easier.”

Jonas Brun

I must say, this looks pretty good! reat job!

Shayenna Philippo

It appears tidy, but there seems to be a mistake

Shayenna Philippo

Haha, I enjoy being meticulous! Dealing with mass can be challenging! I don’t see any zip ties in the panel, but the work is definitely tidy. It bothers me when the grounds are close to the bus/breakers! Overall, I think it’s done in a very professional and tidy way! A
Can I inquire what the first thing in NEC states?

Shayenna Philippo

I’m joking around
reat job👍👍

Shayenna Philippo

Individual wires look nice, easy to keep tidy, I don’t mind zip ties, but some inspectors disapprove! Shouldn’t bundle wires that carry current! I think we would make a good team! I’m just feeling restless, going through this material is keeping me busy, my girlfriend is asleep, she would say don’t do that, can’t touch that, when will you ever finish 🤣😉😅🤣

Mildred Castillo

© 2001 NEC all rights reserved.

Sebastian Nielsen


Mildred Castillo

The book I experimented with. Organized for my enjoyment. 😁

Eemil Heino

Zip ties work well, it’s not a secret code or anything. They’re easy to clip if needed. rounds are also fine wherever they are placed. Both items are just personal preference. Your examples are like saying grounds on the left or right only. It’s unnecessary.

‘s work looks clean, nothing jumps out right away. reat job.

Molly Matthews

He probably won’t mind, getting paid for clicks.

Ryan Meyer

I think is all about being “neat and workmanlike.” It’s kind of hard to define exactly, but you definitely recognize it when you see it, right?

Ryan Meyer

I used to have one of those, and I really liked it. But I don’t think I could have used a tabbed code book back then. Honestly, I can’t remember.

Dragica Stanojević

So, are we dealing with a serial killer now? 😂

Zdravko Ninković


Sarah Armstrong

Impressive work! I prefer wires with consistent bends, rather than different radius bends. It gives a clean look. It’s funny how some people nitpick, even when they don’t understand the engineering behind it. NEMA allows for cable ties, which is contrary to NFPA standards, but it’s a common practice in factories and meets UL and NEMA requirements. Those who nitpick are limited in their understanding of construction methods!

Alfredo Montgomery

I hope the feed panel can have a lockout-tagout feature

Stanoje Stanojević

I really like it, super tidy and well thought out. Personally, I think adding a main breaker hookup would make servicing easier, but overall great job.

Loretta Bennett

Have you thought about how tandem breakers can save a significant amount of space?

Tristan Cox

Hey Bill! I would love to connect with you and be friends. Feel free to send me a friend request whenever you get a chance. Thanks!

Victoria Cabrera

You absolutely nailed it when it comes to NEC Art. 110-12. 👍👍

Henry Shaw

North Carolina

Sophie Lawrence

This panel is pretty neat and very clean. Just two minor things: no bushing on the service feeder and I would have liked to see a tape on the ground so that the aluminum and copper don’t touch. Overall, it’s pretty good – better than average.

Sophie Lawrence

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the new code, but let me tell you – white is considered neutral, but neutral isn’t always white. Basically, they want white wires to be colored black or red to distinguish between neutral and hot, depending on the jurisdiction you’re working in. New codes are now requiring surge suppressors in panels, which is a good idea. You could also install them outside. Personally, I prefer square panels all day, but I’m not a fan of Homeline. I prefer QO. In over 30 years, I’ve never seen a fault on a QO breaker or panel.

Giray Sepetçi

Truly exceptional

Frouke Verbiest

I think it looks nice, but I’m not a big fan of how the grounds are set up. Still, good job!

Philip Christiansen

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Sophie Lawrence

Here’s a panel for you to check out and judge me now.

Sedef Tahincioğlu

Now that’s the way to get it done, great work!👍 nolox I hope

Pearl King

I’m curious, who is that initiated this? Looks fantastic by the way.

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