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Leak or Condensation ?

Condensation in or on skylights

Warm or hot air with moisture in it will create condensation when it hits the cooler surface of a skylight. Newer homes, which are more tightly sealed for energy conservation purposes, and rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms that are not well ventilated, tend to experience more condensation issues than other homes.

Dual pane skylights are less apt to experience condensation issues from the interior of the home but are more apt to have condensation issues from a seal being broken or a crack or a whole in one of the pains of the skylight. In the majority of cases just replacing the glazing portion of the skylight is necessary. The frame and flashing around the skylight stays in place and does not usually need to be replaced.

Leaking around the skylight

If the laminated glass or acrylic dome is not cracked or damaged, then the flashing or the frame of the skylight may be the source of the leak. Often this is easily corrected by the application of a roofing sealant material or caulking. Generally this is fast and inexpensive to do. Occasionally, additional work around the skylight area where it is connected to the roof may be required. In example, patching or limited repair work.

Stains around the skylight

Staining around skylight areas is not an unusual occurrence and can usually be fixed rather easily and inexpensively. Over time the flashing or the joints in the flashing needs to be resealed or caulked, occasionally the curb or the glazing may need to be replaced. We don’t think twice about keeping our gutters clean but somehow, we forget that are skylights need maintenance and cleaning. There are cleaning materials that help keep the skylight clean and looking good, as well as materials that can be sprayed onto the skylight to extend the life of the glazing.

Who to consult? Skylight installers and contractors as well as roofing contractors.

Cleaning, general maintenance and caulking is often handled by home owners and handymen. Repairs or replacement is generally done by roofers and skylight installers or contractors.