Vents and Ventilation for Bathrooms

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Well vented bathrooms provide a more pleasant atmosphere and reduce moisture buildup on walls and ceilings. These well vented baths are easier to clean and are healthier.

Older homes generally have a window that is open-able, but no fan. In the winter people are hesitant to open a window when it is cold outside. Under these conditions moisture and condensation build up in the bath which may contribute to dark spots or mold and mildew build-up on walls and ceilings. Adding an exhaust fan is usually easy to do, not very expensive and a wonderful upgrade.

Vents – Slipped out of position

If a vent slips out of position it is very easy to push it back into place. Once pushed into place, add a strap or secure the vent in place so that it doesn’t shift again.

Check the attic area for vent issues

  • Over time vents may fall out of position because of someone doing work in the attic; things like running phone or cable wires, adding a light fixture or setting rodent traps.
  • Duct tape holding vents together dries out over the years and the tape become loose. Then the vent separates. Re-tapping these is a common maintenance practice for handymen.

Vents that are separated or pulled apart may allow moisture in the attic

Moisture in attic areas can lead to damage to insulation and even wood rot or deterioration under some conditions. Mold and mildew developing is another concern.


Who to consult? Handymen.

Home owners will often re-position a vent that has slipped out of position or re-connect a separated vent. Handymen likewise do this type of work.