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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Common causes:

The topcoat was applied over a painted surface that was dirty or not properly cleaned, thus the topcoat of paint did not bond or stick properly.

  • There are two basic sources of dirt or pollutants that weakened a bond.
  1. With age, paint oxidizes resulting in water-soluble chemicals of chalks and salts on the surface.
  1. Pollutants, like dust (plus other air particle pollutants) and sulfur settle on the home’s painted surfaces.

Poor cleaning of weathered paint will often cause inter-coat peeling a couple of years after repainting.

  • Paint applied over a damp or wet surface may also experience inter-coat peeling.

Note that if the paint is peeling and there is not another coat of paint under it; then it is not inter-coat peeling. Moisture in the wood may also cause paint to peel.

Who to consult? Painters and qualified handymen.

Home owners will often handle many painting jobs around the house, both inside and outside. Handymen and painters will also handle painting tasks. Normally painters are the most proficient, knowledgeable and quickest at doing painting task.

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