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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

When company comes we welcome the sound of the doorbell. If the doorbell does not work we may miss them or the delivery man.

Why doorbells don’t ring or chime.

  • The doorbell button is damaged.
  • The doorbell transformer need replacing
  • The doorbell transformer lost its power or is unplugged.
  • If battery powered, perhaps the battery needs replacing.
  • Wires have come loose.

Easy to fix

Generally a qualified handyman or electrician can determine why the bell is not ringing in a short period of time. They can usually replace the button, connect loose wiring or replace a transformer quickly. Should the wires running in the wall be damaged, then a wireless doorbell (remote doorbell kits) may be substituted. Home centers and hardware stores carry these types of kits. Homeowners themselves often will fix their doorbell problems.

Who to consult? Handyman or electrician.

Home owners generally can handle door bell issues themselves. If not, then qualified handymen or electricians generally can correct things easily and quickly.

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