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Standard wall switch

Light switch making a sound:

  • Buzzing
  • Crackling
  • Popping
  • Sizzling

Common reasons

  • Switch is worn out; replacement is wise.
  • Switch is damaged; replacement is wise.
  • Arcing may taking place. Sometimes if a wire is not tighten down sufficiently on the terminals in the switch, it will arc and you will hear a sound. Tightening the wire may solve this.
  • Low quality switches; try upgrading to a higher quality switches.
  • Occasionally from overloaded circuit (especially if switch feels warm to hot)

If from arcing, be careful, for at times this can lead to a fire. Therefore, replacing the switch and reviewing the circuit is wise.

Who to consult? An electrician or qualified handyman.

Replacing a defective or damaged switch normally can easily be done by an electrician or qualified handyman. If there is further work required, then a electrician would be best suited for this type of work.