Light Globes Missing Can Be A Fire Safety Concern

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Globes that are missing on light fixtures may be only aesthetic in nature or can be a safety concern.

Bulbs without protection

  • Get broken easier when bumped or hit
  • May result in small cuts or eye injuries
  • Some types have small amounts of mercury in them; such as, fluorescent bulbs, including compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
  • May get very hot on the surface and if against or close to combustionable materials may create a fire


The surface temperature of a 100 watt bulb can reach a temperature of 400 to 550 degrees.

Storage items on closets shelves may accidently fall against light fixtures in the closet. Should the fixture not have a globe to prevent something from touching or getting very close to the bulb, then there exist a fire potential.

Bottom Line

Having a globe over a light fixture provides additional safety for a buyer and the light looks better.

Who to consult? Home owner or handyman.

Light fixtures missing globes are a safety concern. Home owners or handymen can easily correct this.