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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Is it the bulb?

Most often it’s the bulb. It may need replacing or needs to be twisted a little in the socket. Checking the bulbs to see if the pins at the end are not bent or damage; or not properly in place, may help resolve the problem. Occasionally wiring or switch issue may exist.

Ballast or starters

Flickering fluorescent light (or the light only glows at the ends) may be an indication that the starters need replacing. Starters are usually only a few dollars. At other times, the bulbs may need replacing.

Some fixtures may need the ballast in the fixture replaced. Newer fixtures may not have starters and only have a ballast.

Who to consult? Electrician or handyman.

Home owners often replace bulbs and occasionally ballast or starters. Electricians and qualified handymen likewise may do the same.

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