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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Electric panels should have quick and easy access to them should there be a need to reset a breaker or add other breakers. Even more importantly, if there is a sparking electric wire, a smoking outlet or an electrical fire, one want’s to be able to immediately shut off the power.

30 inches wide – 36 inches deep

Having an area where one can stand safely, and not have to lean over landscaping or other objects, to work on, or access the panel is generally recommended. Often landscaping restricts or blocks safe access. Generally an area 30 inches wide and 36 inches deep in front of the electrical panel is considered adequate.

Aesthetics verses Safety

Landscapers and home owners like to hide the electrical panels from view for aesthetic purposes. Doing this may result in a safety hazard, therefore, it would be wise to review the access to your electrical panel for safety purposes.

Who to consult? Gardener or landscaper.

Generally there just needs to be some landscaping trimmed back in oder to create a safe access to a panel. Home owners, gardeners and landscapers can generally handle this task easily.

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