David Jones - Consultant, General Contractor, Inspector

A professional consultant and writer that concentrates on structural, electrical, plumbing, code and other building defects with over 40 years’ experience as a general contractor, inspector and instructor.

As a consultant, general contractor and builder, Mr. Jones has built or worked on residential homes, industrial buildings, office buildings, banks and military testing facilities. Clients & Projects include: Coca Cola, Frito-Lay, Sunkist, Knotts Berry Farms, Con Agra Foods, Anaheuser Bush, Baxter Laboratories, Wyle Laboratories, McDonald's and Watson Pharmaceuticals. Projects included industrial buildings, warehouses, residential structures, sewer lines, bank vaults, testing facilities for MX and Titan missiles, nuclear reactor valve re-certifications, PH Neutralization systems, clean rooms and indoor pools.

With a building background, he has spoken at numerous state and national inspection conferences and taught classes for real estate agents on what to look for when it comes to disclosing building issues and defects. He also has written a book called “Top Dollar For Your Home.”

Articles by Mr. Jones for BuyersAsk.com., are written for homeowners, buyers and real estate agents who want to know what’s major, what’s minor and what is just normal: due to Mr. Jones’ “hands on experiences” you don’t have to be an engineer to read or understand the important issues about your home.