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PEX piping in a home

PEX,  also known as, cross-linked polyethlene

Plumbers are doing most of their repairs today with PEX and builders are using PEX more and more on new homes.  It has been used in Europe for a number of years and performed well.

In some areas of the country, buyers may have heard about homes in the area that have had pin hole leaks in the copper, possibly do to a chemical composition change in the water because the of the local water company. In these case buyers may be wondering if the home has been piped or re-piped with PEX piping.

Like everything, there are advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: less expensive and easier to install, less skilled labor needed to install it, faster to install than copper and PEX doesn’t corrode like copper and stands up to cold or freezing temperatures better than copper.

Disadvantages include: Rodents can and do chew though the pipe at times, PEX can’t be recycled as easily as copper, not good for exterior use, and may produces toxic smoke when it burns.

Tip – If you have PEX piping, have a high level rodent control plan.

Bottom Line

PEX is generally considered a good product and if you need to repair or replace your copper or galvinized water lines, then PEX would be a good choice.