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When does a home not require a carbon monoxide detector?

Answer: If the home has no fossil fuel burning devices or appliances, such as: gas stove or gas oven, wood burning or gas fireplace, gas clothes dryer, gas furnace, gas water heater.

And that there is not an attached garage to the structure.   Read More


Why does blonde hair turn green in some pools ?

The Urban Legend that blondes have more fun and that chlorine turns blonde hair green is not a 100% true.

It is not the chlorine that causes the hair to turn green, but it is tiny particles of copper sulfate which turns blonde or even white hair a greenish color or tint. What the chlorine does to most peoples hair is to make it look rather dull and dry because it removes some of the oils in the hair.

Chemically, copper compounds are often found in pool algicide chemical treatments to help prevent algae from developing in a pool; just part of the regular cleaning and maintenance of a pool. Copper in the pool water gets oxidized by the chlorine, which then sticks to the outer covering of a hair shaft or binds to the proteins in an individual strands of hair. Producing a greenish look to the hair. Read more

What is a “Post Tension Slab” and why is there a stamped sign in the garage concrete floor?

It is a concrete slab that has steel cables running through it that have been placed under 33,000 +/_  pounds of tension. This makes the concrete slab and foundation much stronger than concrete without reinforcement and helps reduce cracking.

A Sign Stamped in Floor

When the concrete slab has post tension cables running through it there is a safety concern that if one of the cables got cut, that it might rip right up through the damaged area and injure a person. Therefore they stamp a WARNING signs in the concrete. Older homes may have a sign on the wall made of plastic or paper warning home owners not to cut the slab. Read more

Do electric water heaters need to be seismically strapped ?

Yes, (in states that have earthquake zones 3 & 4) they must be strapped just like gas water heaters. The concern is not the gas, but loss of water pressure should the water heater shift about enough to break the water line. Then, like in the Northridge Earthquake, the fire department did not have sufficient water pressure to fully fight fires that broke out.

A water heater needs how many straps ?

(Required in states that have earthquake zones 3 & 4; i.e. CA. requires)

Most people answer 2 straps, however, it really depends on the size of water heater and the building jurisdiction.

Water heaters up to 52 gallons generally require two straps.

Water heaters 53 gallons to 75 gallons may require three straps in certain building jurisdictions.

Water heaters 76 gallons to 100 gallons may require three straps in certain building jurisdictions.

Calling the local building department is a quick and easy way to determine their requirements.   Read more

Why would an agent talk about “Milking a Roof” to a buyer ?

It deals with a roof that is need of limited repairs but the buyer is short on money and the seller refuses to do anything. Read more