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Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Gas meters or the piping often has rust on them. The meters are often exposed to the weather or a corrosive environment and therefore will need occasional maintenance. In some areas of the country the gas company will do this for you with just a phone call to the gas company, in other areas the owner is responsible for the painting maintenance.

Old meters or gas piping exposed to highly corrosive elements, may be sufficiently damaged that replacement is necessary, however, this is rarely the situation.

This is generally a maintenance item and can be easily repainted or replaced.

Meters submerged in water

Meters in areas where they will be partially submerged in water, should be raised or moved; or the drainage improved so the meter is not in water.

Gas odors – Call the gas company immediately!

Gas companies add a special “odor” chemical to the gas that stands out. Its purpose is to warn you that there is a gas leak.  Remember to check for any gas odors. If so, the gas company should be called immediately.

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I live in Coventry RI. My gas meter is very rusty. Am I responsible for this repair or will the gas company hndle this?

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