Sun Screen Or Tinting Applied By A Home Owner May Invalidate The Windows’ Manufactures Warranty

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Sun screens and tinting on windows can help reduce utility bills, as well as, glare from windows. It also, reduces fading of carpet or other flooring materials and reduces  damage to furniture and upholstering.

Rarely does tinting or sun screen films cause problems, however, in a few instances it may create cosmetic issues, such as:

  • Bubbles in the tenting
  • Deterioration of the tenting material
  • Peeling of the tenting material

Glass that is tented by the manufacture normally holds up well to the suns rays. Glass that has tenting applied after the window has been installed, usually does well, depending if applied by a skilled window tinter or skilled home owner. Once in a while a less skilled person applies the tenting and problems develop. Older films often block more light than heat, but newer films do the reverse.

Dual Pane windows

Sun screens and tinting films generally perform well on dual or multi-pane windows. In rare instances the sun screen may result in damaged seals on multi-pane windows. Under these circumstance the glazing may need to be replaced; the window frame remains, only the glass panel is replaced.

Window manufactures may void their warranty

If a film, sun screen, or tenting has been applied to a window by other than the manufacture, then the manufacturer may void their warranty. One of the reasons for this is that when the film is put on one pane of a window, then it may expand more than the other pane of glass. The differences in the expansion places stress on the window and in a few cases may cause the seal to break or the window to crack.


Remember that warranties may be voided on multi-pane glazing if the drapes, blinds, shades or other window coverings are installed too close to the window. At times they create excessive heat, which cause excessive stress on the window, which causes the tenting or seals to fail. Reading the fine print in the warranty will provide additional information for a home owner.

Who to consult? Companies that sell and install windows, and window tenting companies.

Home owners can do maintenance and re-install tenting on their own windows. Qualified handymen and window tenting companies likewise will usually do this type of work.