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About BuyersAsk.com

A Resource for Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers and RE Agents

Helping you know what issues or problems in your home are serious, hazardous, cosmetic or just normal.

House floors

BuyersAsk.com Covers

Structural issues of foundations, basements, slabs, walls, roof, etc

Plumbing, electrical, water heaters, GFCI / AFCI’s, Furnaces, A/C and Fireplaces

Asbestos, lead paint and mold and mildew issues

Building Codes, Permits and Home Inspections

Roof wavy
Building codes - buyers and sellers.

You learn

What’s Minor, What’s Major

How to recognize “Red and Yellow Flags” of problems

Structural warning signs

Helps you

Understand the causes or reasons for a problem

Diagnose an issue

Determine the seriousness


If you catch a problem early, it’s usually easier and cheaper to fix

Helps avoid or reduce costly repairs in the future

If a buyer, you can accept as is, negotiate with knowledge or walk away

If an agent, you will recognize serious issues and better protect your client

The Bottom Line

You understand what’s major and what’s minor; therefore, you make better decisions.